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Byakatonda Care Foundation was founded by Byakatonda Godfrey in 2019. He was born in Mulama Village, Kiwanyi Sub County to a teenage mother who was aged only 15 years at the time and obviously incapable of providing for or handling the challenges that lay ahead of her and the children, a helpless situation that left her resigning his fate to the mercy of God hence naming him “Byakatonda”- translated from a local dialect to mean “left to God”. A fate that saw him endure a hard knock life mainly characterized by abject poverty coupled with harassment from step mothers and step siblings. Although they attended a government aided rural school, challenges like lack of scholastic materials left both his helpless mother’s children unable to attend school, a situation needing someone to intervene; the community members of Mulama Village took special interest in their situation and acted to alleviate it through provision of food and other basic needs that they needed. With this intervention, Byakatonda Godfrey was able to beat the odds and break through his circumstances going on to attend school up to University level where he pursued a Bachelor of Public Administration at Islamic University in Uganda and a Bachelor of Business Administration at St. Lawrence. 

Even though he is now a very capable family man and prominent business man in Kampala City, his childhood experience still lives with him and will continue to do so which has cultivated in him the empathy[from having first hand experience of the challenges people go through in the rural areas] and initiative [a life changing lesson learnt from the impact of the intervention of community members of Mulama village] as witnessed in his efforts to do something about this all too familiar occurrence in this part of the world where many have not and might not be as lucky as he was/is.  He first started these intervention efforts in Mulama village as a way of giving back to the community that gave him a future, initially by dedicating over 30% of the profits from his company called Byaka Bridge Suppliers to finance the activities of the Byakatonda Care Foundation before Covid-19 hit and the business environment changed, this forced him to seek more sources of funding beseeching organizations[like churches & NGO’s], individuals and businesses  to join the efforts of the foundation; an effort that has seen some impactful  successes like enabling the foundation to become formal[registered] and expand beyond Mulama village to other rural communities allover the country. 

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This is the team that is passionate about making a difference. Building a world where all human beings live with dignity.

Kasindha Joel

Co-Founder/ Chief Legal

Owino Gabriel

Co-Founder/ Public Relations

Nakyema Yayeli

Co-Founder/ Trustee

Nakiryowa Monica

Co-Founder/ Trustee

Mbwali Lillian

Co-Founder/ Trustee

Isiko Rogers

Chairman Board

Lubanga Salim

Ambassador Global

Frida larsen Bynge

Ambassador Global

Nakimera Rosemary

Community Mobilizer/ Trustee

Batwagaine Eddie

Resource Mobilizer/Trustee

Ssemanda Richard

Chief Liason

Kebirungi Sharon

Chief Medical

Logose Justine

Chief Nutritionist

Nakanwagi Noreen


Minjo Peter

Programme Manager

Aroma Alex


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