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Our Story

Byakatonda Care Foundation was founded in 2019 to provide care and access to basic necessities to the most destitute members of Mulama village [mainly the elderly and children]. In 2020, Our benefactors and operations were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lock downs that wrecked a lot of livelihoods and families allover the country just like the beneficiaries of our services. By 2021, it was prevalent that the problems we had previously set out to solve had grown exponentially- with the pandemic came other issues that did not leave Ugandan society the same; a huge spike in the cases of domestic violence, child abuse & neglect, teenage pregnancies & school dropouts etc.  At this point it was as clear as day that only a concerted effort can alleviate and eventually change this situation not just in Mulama village but allover the country and with some success in mobilizing and fundraising, Byakatonda Care foundation was then officially registered in 2021 by the National Bereau of NGO’s; registration number 6149. 

Byakatonda Care Foundation is founded
Byakatonda Care Foundation is registered

Who We Are

Partnering to build a world where all human beings live with dignity!

Hello! We are a Charity/Non-profit organization based in the beautiful country of Uganda. Our mission is to provide accessible services that improve the quality of life of children, the elderly, women and youth; we provide care, basic necessities, household income generating tools and skills to those who need them the most – the disabled, children, elderly, women and youth. Our goal is to shield them from the risks of social injustice, tackle poverty at its root, and improve their quality of life. We’re passionate about making a difference and helping those who are most vulnerable. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our work

Our team is on a mission to make the world a better place, where ever human being lives with dignity. We believe that by working together with governments, private companies, civil society organizations, and people like you, we can make a real difference. Together, we can combine our resources and expertise to create positive change for millions of people. We truly believe that collaboration is the secret ingredient to success when it comes to building a better world. That’s why we’d like to invite you to join us in our quest to create a world where everyone can thrive and reach their full potential, regardless of their background and gender. Let’s work together to make the world a more equitable and fair place for all human beings.

Our Approach

A two pronged strategy: alleviation and Root cause focused problem solving

The root cause or major factor that most undermines human dignity or exacerbates the risk of child abuse & neglect, elderly neglect, gender based violence, early marriage, tennage pregnancies, malnutrition, high STI & HIV prevalence and disintergration of families is poverty.

To make an impact now and in the future, our team devised a two pronged strategy that alleviates  the suffering of those most in need[living in abject poverty] to improve their quality of life while simultaneously working with other vulnerable groups to attack poverty at it’s root to reduce the risk of poverty and the challenges it breeds in the future 

Those most in need[destitute] are supported with immediate basic needs like food,mattresses, medication while those at are at high risk[vulnerable] are supported through our skilling and tooling programs [tailoring, hair styling etc coupled with computer skills and acquiring of necessary equipment] to help them enter the money economy able to generate household incomes to support them and their families.


— Our Mission

To provide excellent and accessible services that improve the quality of life of children, the elderly, women and youth


— Our Vision

A society where children, the elderly, women and youth have access to better services and live with dignity.


— Our Core Values

  • Respect for human rights
  • Collective participation
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Empathy

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